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Erotic Egyptians


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Egyptian sex

The two cultures most addicted to sex and nudity were the Greeks (and Romans) and the Egyptians. Egypt has the advantage in that it is very hot, which encourages the wearing of few or no clothes, and so nudity was in many ways ‘natural’.

We begin at the very beginning,  in the predynastic era, with these naked Egyptian ladies, now in the British Museum, all looking a little cold with their shoulders hunched up.

They are very early – predynastic – around 4000 – 4400 BC. They are all totally naked, showing prominent bushes,  though  the lady on the right has lost her actual bush, while the lady on the left has allowed her breasts to coalesce into one.

The one in the centre has small gemstones (lapis lazuli) for her eyes, making them look like sunglasses; though there is a suspicion that they may be recent additions. Originally the bald lady probably had a wig of clay or lace.

But they are blatantly nude, and blatantly sexy, a foretaste of the sexuality that is to come.



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21st July 2015