Gay Greeks

The Greeks were bi-sexual

The ancient Greeks were bi-sexual – and proud of it.It is often said that the Greeks were homosexual, but that is not true: they liked buggering little boys it is true, but they enjoyed fucking women too – all forms of sex were acceptable. Indeed it was the fashion in classical Greeks to practice paedophilia. In your youth when you are about 12 and your bum was mature enough to accept a penis up it, if you would lucky you would acquire a lover, who would bugger you on a regular basis. This was a great sport, and of course when you were a little older and about 20 perhaps, the roles would be reversed, and you too would take a young boy as your lover and bugger him.the main criteria was that the boys you buggered should not yet have reached the age of puberty – they should not have begun to grow a beard or to sprout pubic hair which meant that the best age for bothering was 11 or 12 – perhaps even as old as 15 and it would appear that this was the age when young boys most appreciated having a penis up their arse.

Sometimes the older man would have sadistic urges and give the youth a good thrashing which the youth would pretend to enjoy and show off his fortitude. Certainly in Sparta, young boys were thrashed regularly at the ceremony of Artemis Orthia.for the delectation of their elders, and to show their own fortitude and that they enjoyed sadomasochism.

But it was the custom in Greek painting to show the older man who was doing the buggering as wearing a beard while the younger man, who often appeared to be almost the same age, was shown without a beard.

One of the most famous examples of such homoerotic scenes is to be found in a tomb at Paestum in southern Italy. Here we see the scenes of a symposium or feast where buggery is clearly on the menu

Tomb of the Divers, Paestum

Symposium in progress


This is the most famous scene. A gay couple is seen to the right. The younger man has clearly been playing the lyre to the older man but now they are about to proceed to sex. Their mouths are open and they clearly are about to have a nice juicy kiss and then the older man wearing a beard will bugger the younger man without a beard.

On the central couch the man to the right is looking forward to see the buggery about to take place. The man to the left is playing a rather silly Greek game called Kottabos in which you threw the last dregs of wine at a target. However he has a lesser beard than than the man to the right and perhaps later on he will get buggered too. On the left-hand couch there is just a single man clearly about to play Kottabos.


Here on the opposite wall is another homoerotic scene.  On the right the younger beardless man is playing the flute and the older man to the right is listening. openmouthed in admiration. But when he has finished playing the flute, he will clearly be buggered. On the central couch two other men are looking at each other wondering whether to have some sex, while on the left-hand couch again a single man is holding a lyre in one hand and an egg, which is a nice substitute for a penis in his other hand. He is clearly  wondering whether he is going to get a piece of the action.


This is the most famous scene of all, from which the tomb is known as the Tomb of the Diver. This was the lid of the tomb,  and we must imagine the dead man lying there on his back looking up at this scene of the diver.  This appears to be a naked diver, diving from a high diving board into a lake, his penis projecting in front of him,  but it probably has another meaning of diving from life into the sea of death. The dead man would lie there watching this picture himself as a young man enjoying some nude diving and hoping that afterwards he would go off and fuck a young lady, or more likely bugger a young man.

Was the person buried perhaps gay? Or was he just showing that it was more fashionable to display one’s homosexual abilities? What interests me is that in all the couples the only differentiation between the catamite and the master was that the master wore a beard and the person to be buggered didn’t.  Was it in practice the case that homosexuality was practiced between those of a similar age, and that those between 18 and 25 buggered each other with gay abandon? One would like to know

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11 February 2013