Sexy Greeks

Sexy Greeks

The Greeks were one of the sexiest people in history. They loved being naked – they performed their games naked – the Olympic Games were always performed naked —  indeed the very word gymnasium and gymnastics come from the Greek word gumnos  meaning naked. And what is more they love portraying nudity and sexuality:  there are lots of painted drinking cups with pictures of people fucking or perhaps more frequently buggering each other.



Dokimasia 0641

How to enjoy your fuck. A wealthy young man is reclining back on a cushion, penis proudly erect while a young woman, presumably a slave, lowers herself onto his penis  so that it can be inserted up her cunt for a good fuck. Lucky man, this is the easy way to do it!

This fine red-figure drawing is on the interior of a drinking cup, so when you had drunk your wine, you would be  granted an intimation of the pleasures to come – if you were lucky!



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