Bare breasted Minoans



Bare breasted Minoans

Pl snake goddess improvedThe Minoans, who flourished in Crete in  the Bronze Aegean, are notorious for their bare breasted women.  They liked to have their women elaborately dressed, but proudly displaying their breasts. The most famous example of this pleasing fashion is the Snake Princess found by Sir Arthur Evans in the Palace of Minos at Knossos on Crete.

Umìní Kréty - hadí bohynìThe woman is showing her large rounded breasts very openly, though otherwise she has an elaborate dress with a very full skirt and her upper arms covered.  However she appears to be holding a snake in each hand and it is suggested that she is a Snake Princess and that snake handling was a ritual that upper-class women had to go through.

Bull leaper0274 croppedWas it perhaps a parallel to the bull jumping than men had to perform? The young men had to show their prowess by leaping over a bull; if they succeeded, they became a prince.  If they failed, they were gored to death. Likewise the women had to handle live snakes.  If they were bitten, they died; if they survive the ordeal,  they were fit to be a princess.

Youth for Vogue TZ 579Although the women had their breasts blatantly exposed, they are otherwise fully dressed. For men the reverse applied, in that they appeared to wear very skimpy dress, though sometimes with codpieces to conceal – or perhaps rather emphasize, their penises.

The bare-breasted women have caught the Western imagination:  do you not rather wish that your wife or girlfriend would go to a party wearing a dress like this, proudly displaying her breasts?

This has led to the belief that women played a leading role in Minoan society,  indeed that the Minoans were ruled by women rather than men. This is perhaps rather an extreme view, but it seems nevertheless the case that these bare breasted women whether as queens or priestesses did play a major role in Minoan society





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