Marine Venus at Pompeii

A marine Venus, painted in a house at Pompeii: would you have a nude picture of your wife, prominently displayed in your home?

 Sex Through the Ages


What is ‘normal ‘sex? A visit to any major museum will soon provide lurid images of naked women (and men) and often outrageous sex from other cultures around the world. Further acquaintance with other cultures  will soon persuade us that sex has many facets and as we look round the world, in other times and in other cultures , we find very different ideas of sex and nudity.

Our own culture here in the West is, by world standards, very odd. We are still deeply imbued with Christian ideals, and as far as sex is concerned, Christianity is a very odd religion indeed with a quite extraordinary suspicion of sex.  Indeed Gibbon argued that it was Christianity that was one of the major causes of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

In these pages I shall try to explore sex and nudity in other cultures, in other places, and other ages around the world, and to see what other societies have to teach us as regards sex and nudity, and to try to bring our own attitudes back to something like normality.


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